Aging-In-Place Home Modification & Consulting Services

"Adapting Your Home... Restoring Your Life"

What is Aging-In-Place?


Aging-In-Place is a means of allowing a person to remain in his/her own home with the necessary modifications and adaptations to suit his/her personal, medical, physical needs and limitations.


Aging-In-Place is the alternative to selling your home and belongings to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. This process allows a person the choice of remaining in their home safely, comfortably and independently with the help of modifications designed to accommodate his/her changing needs.



Modification Process


A successful Aging-In-Place remodel project involves more than physical construction. Total Service Contracting, Inc. can guide homeowners through the entire process of modifying their home for the years to come. Homeowners will receive:


  • Initial consultation to gain a clear and mutual understanding of the client's needs based on his/her personal, medical, physical needs and limitations.


  • A full design & remodeling team.


  • A state certified Occupational Therapist for home evaluations.


  • An architectural design team and a state certified general contractor.


  • An ongoing homeowner/contractor partnership to create and maintain the perfect home environment for the homeowner's ongoing years.



Our Goal Through Aging-In-Place Modifications


  • To enhance the lives of people living in their homes with limitations, by modifying their living space to their needs for everyday activities and tasks remain manageable.


  • To provide clear and concise information during the pre-construction phase and minimize the homeowner's concerns during the project.


  • To design and finish construction in a timely manner so homeowners can return to their home and avoid interim time in a rehab or assisted living facility.



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