Aging-In-Place Home Modification & Consulting Services

"Adapting Your Home...Restoring Your Life"

What is Aging-In-Place?


Aging-In-Place is a means of allowing a person to remain in his/her own home with the necessary modifications and adaptations to suit his/her personal, medical, physical needs and limitations.


 Aging-In-Place is the alternative to selling one's home and belongings and moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  This process allows a person the choice of remaining in their home safely, comfortably and independently with the help of modifictions designed to accommodate his/her changing needs.


Concept-to-Completion Process

A successful Aging-In-Place remodel project involves more than physical construction.  Total Service Contracting, Inc. guides homeowners through the complete process of their project.  Homeowners receive:

  • Initial consultations to gain a clear mutual understanding of the client's needs based on his/her personal, medical, physical needs and limitations.
  • A full design & remodeling team.
  • State Certified Occupational therapist for home evaluations, Architectural Design team and a state certified general contractor.
  • An ongoing homeowner/contractor partnership to create and maintain the perfect home environment for the homeowner's ongoing years.


Our Goals


  • To improve the lives of people living in their homes by improving their living space so their everyday activities and tasks remain easy to manage.
  • To provide clear, concise information during the pre-construction phase and minimize the homeowner's concerns during the project.
  • To design and finish construction in a timely manner so homeowners can return to their homes and avoid interim time in a rehab or assisted living facility.



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